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Welcome to Dong Bang Wiki, a wikipedia dedicated to South Korean boyband Dong Bang Shin Ki. Although things are a bit different now since their debut in 2006, this wiki plans to house anything and everything DBSK (this includes JYJ, their post-hiatus activities as a two-member group, and solo projects) in hopes that it can become a place that fans can not only find accurate information, but also relive and share memories of years past.

Before you start...Edit

There are a few guidelines everyone should follow when adding or editing pages. This will help keep the Wiki neat, readable, and most importantly, accurate.

  • If you are creating a page, use the search function beforehand to make sure it's not already present, then proceed to use the proper template (i.e. Album, Single, DVD, etc.) and edit accordingly.
  • While this Wiki does not yet require citations as it is still young, we ask that you please not include any details that could possibly be untrue. If you're not 100% sure, don't add it. Only include information you remember from a factual source such as an official website, Twitter, blog, magazine interview, or TV interview. Also, include quotes from the boys if applicable, possible, or reasonable to do so.
  • Proper spelling and grammar is a must!

And as always, if you have any questions or comments, please send me, tasking, a message. Thanks for your time and support!

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